In today's competitive environment,striking the chord between the customers has need and at the same time manage the key business operations are the major challenges for most small and midsize enterprises (SMBs). With the growing complexities in the business, an enterprise necessitates a strong value chain, which enables the ease of sharing the information, reduced time to market and low cost productivity. Most of the organizations today are striving hard to grapple with the industrial challenges.


Understanding your business's financial information capabilities and weaknesses is critical to selecting the appropriate accounting software solution. The more you know about the challenges you expect the software to solve, the more informed decision you'll make:

  1. Delivery Flexibility according to customer requirements and technology
  2. Managing internal complexity in synchronising processes
  3. Managing outsource processes and their effect on supply chain
  4. Meeting supply chain demands that relates to manufacturing
What we can offer
  1. Increased visibility in the business processes
  2. Minimize manufacturing cost and increase of resource utilization
  3. Cut down production bottlenecks
  4. On-time delivery performance
  5. Transparent operational control
  6. Proactively monitor business activity
The Solution

zOrderMFG is the premium product from zOrder, which is a comprehensive package that addresses all of the above challenges in fast, accurate and efficient manner. Built on the industry standard ERP foundation named zOrderâ„¢ Enterprise v1.1, this software proved to be the best of its kind to manage almost every activity in manufacturing scenario. Click here to know more about features and offering from zOrderMFG


Starting from Raw Materials, in-house processes, outsourcing, warehousing and dispatches, this one product eliminates the complete paperwork of a production house. Some of the salient features of the product as under:

  1. Requisition based on requirement analysis
  2. PO generation based on requisition and esteemed production
  3. Purchase of Raw materials
  4. Supplier interaction and repeat orders
  1. Planning through Buyer Orders/ Requisitions and self-motivated
  2. Bill of Materials
  3. Job Orders to initiate the production process
  4. Raw material requirement generation based on Job Orders/ Planned production
  1. In-house and outsource production process
  2. Multi-level production process
  3. Exact work-in-process status
  4. Vendor/job-workers closing WIP and Payment process
  5. Generation of barcodes after finalizing production process
  6. Warehousing and dispatch


What is Ref ItemId in Sample Issue module?

The Ref-Item-Id is the original item-id if the issuing Barcode was generated from Alteration. I guess this column is not relevent in MFG application, so you can just hide this column using column-selector.

What is the role of Pre Production Issue and Pre Production Receipt?

At times in production, we often required to have some process done on Raw Materials itself without even starting production process through planning or JobCard. Through Pre-Production issue and receipt modules, we can process Raw Materials which are already there in the stock and yet there is no JobCard decided.

To understand with an example, suppose a company purchases 600 meters gray-silk from china in bulk. after stock-in all the gray-silk has to be cut in the length of saree (say 6 meters), and then they got six different base colors on all sarees. At this point, no design or concept is decided to be put on sarees, no embroidary pattern defined and no jobcard created. Still the user want to process their single 600 meters gray-silk fabric to the cutter first and then dyer. This can be done using Pre-Production issue and receipt modules. When the pre-production is completed the user has 600 dyed sarees into 6 basic colors which can be used in any kind of style or embriodary which would be decided in JobCard.

We are doing production for finished goods, then what is the need of mentioning supplier name at the time of generating barcodes while receiving goods from jobwork issue?
A. Supplier name is a mandatory parameter for our barcode generation, since in the production process there are various parties involved like fabric supplier, many jobworker etc and the supplier identity is lost because a new product has to be created, then we have to specify our own supplier, which should be stored along with new barcodes.
What is the use of barcode generation in production?

When an item finally received from "FINAL PROCESS", they all must brought to the main stock so that they can be sold or transferred as finished goods. The process of barcode generation, creates new barcodes and updates stock of the new barcodes. In case the barcode was already generated at source (either in Retail Order or in JobCard), then this process brings those barcodes into stock.

What is the use of "Set article" checkbox in Article Master?

A "Set Article" is a combination of more than one other articles of finished goods, for example a "gentleman suit" is a combination of Shirt, Trouser, Tie, Waist Coat, and Full Coat. Production would have to happen for the components individually, but at the time of barcode generation, all components merged together to generate a new barcode as it is being done in "Merge in Split" module.

However, since we have a separate module for Merge and Split, the creation of Set articles and maintaining the same is quit irrelevant. It would be better if we produce individual items separately and merge them through Merge and Split module.

How can I recognized whether we have billed all articles of a particular buyer order (Listed in wholesale form) or not?

Buyer Order is entered based on article no. and dispatches are made on ItemId, hence Buyer Order and Dispatch can not be tightly coupled. Again it is a requirement of business also that we can not 100% validate Buyer Orders against Dispatches. We can have Reports only which we can compare on the basis of Article No and Party to get the pending order status.

How to Issue Sample against a particular JOB Card?

Sample Issue and Receipt can be given through separate modules (just like Jobwork issue and Receipt in inventory). the simple JW issue and receipt is already provided in MFG module, yet also, we are going to have a separate set of modules for Sample Issue and Receipt.

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