Many organisations stay with their current accounting system too long. It's comfortable to use something that's known and understood. There's usually fear involved (or at least a strong apprehension) with switching to something new and unknown. Plus, there are significant time and resource issues, including the cost to change and the time needed to learn the new system. But comfortable doesn't always cut it—especially when it comes to the financial health and long-term success of your business.


Understanding your business's financial information capabilities and weaknesses is critical to selecting the appropriate accounting software solution. The more you know about the challenges you expect the software to solve, the more informed decision you'll make:

  1. Real-time status of the organization is required to take quick strategic decisions
  2. Forecast and control cash flow, receivables and payables
  3. More connected infrastructure is required to sync between internal departments
  4. How to reduce the workload of accounts by stopping them to do redundant tasks
What we can help

zOrder's integrated accounting software can contribute many benefits to your organisation, including:

  1. Better decision-making capabilities with a snapshot-in-time look at your organisation, as well as the detailed reports and other data necessary for long-term strategic planning
  2. Improved cash flow with integrated billing, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable information
  3. More accurate informationof business status
  4. More control with real-time access to your organisation's critical financial information. This provides you with greater control and the ability to more efficiently manage the components of your business.
  5. Productivity Improvements by reducing the repetitive tasks or manual calculations
The Solution

The integrated accounting software zOrderPROFIT is a comprehensive package that addresses all of the above challenges in fast, accurate and efficient manner. Built on the industry standard ERP foundation named zOrderâ„¢ Enterprise v1.1, this software proved to be the best of its kind to manage almost every activity in accounting scenario. Click here to know more about features and offering from zOrderPROFIT


A complete and comprehensive software for retail management is here to connect to all your business needs. Now you need not to worry about your inventory management, customer relationships management or point of sale activities, just leave it to zOrderPROFIT. A software which helps your business grow to any level from single store to multi-store to

  1. Separate Voucher Entry for 12 different Voucher Types
  2. Bill-By-Bill / On-Account Balancing Methods
  3. Payment / Receipt Vouchers
  4. Integrated Cheque Printing
  5. Post Dated Cheque Entry and Reminder there of
  1. Auto Creation of Ledgers for Suppliers, Customers, Branches, Carriers, Brokers etc.
  2. One Click Posting for Purchase, Debit Note, Retail Sale, Wholesale, Stock Transfer, Expense Vouchers etc
  3. Block modification of documents in Inventory Module if a corresponding bill posted has been adjusted.
  4. Automatic Re-Posting of Modified/Cancelled Documents from Inventory
  5. Customer Receipt/Payment
  1. Ledger, Statement of Account, Bills Outstanding Report
  2. Daybook, Journal Book, Cashbook, Cash-cum-Journal Book
  3. Bank Reconciliation
  4. Purchase and Sale Register
  5. Trail Balance
  6. Drill Down facility upto voucher entry level
  7. Trading and Profit and Loss Account
  8. Balance Sheet


Why do we need a software for accounts?

Even if you are a small business or an enterprise, you still need to have good accounting software for your business. There are many reasons that an accounting software helps you boost your business performance. Here is some of the main reasons:

  1. It saves you time and helps you work faster.
  2. It's easier to use and understand.
  3. It shows you exactly how your business is doing.
  4. Software simplifies reporting.
  5. Make better, more informed business decisions.
We are already using a popularsoftware for Accounts, what improvements should we require?

A CRM system helps you recognize customers and prospective customers, understand their preferences, frequently anticipate their needs and respond to their requests quickly and effectively. It enables you to track, organize, and consolidate the interactions dealership staff has with current and prospective customers.

What should I consider before committing to a CRM product?

Check whether your existing accounting software has capability to grow as your business in terms of handing large amount of data, having close interaction with your billing and inventory system, multiple and flexible accessibility patterns, dynamic and analytic reporting system. If any of the above checkpoints has negative answer, then you need to think of upgrading your accounting software.

Why it is required to close interaction of billing and accounting systems?

Almost about 60-80% of data entry tasks reduced when your accounts and inventory software is linked, as all entries from inventory gets automatically posted into accounts thus reducing the amount of data-entry tasks as well as nullifying human errors and inconsistency.

Our accountants are used to the older system which either operated manually or electronically, should I still have to think of implementing new accounting software?

It is a general human tendency that one does not want to go beyond its comfort zone. As a business owner or sitting at higher positions its your responsibility to think beyond comfort zone for the betterment of the company.

Can I access my accounting reports from my laptop at home?

Using zOrder's exclusive cloud based service named "zSnapShot" it is possible to work from anywhere in the system. Apart from taking only reports, you can enter vouchers, reconcile bank and many more operations.

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