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Our professionals has 20+ years of expertise in the software development industry. This can be noticed by the fact that during the short span of time, The company has more than 500+ clients in various parts of India with 4000+ software installations. Simple yet powerful, taking this as a mantra of our application development lifecycle, this buzzword has become USP of our all products & we also guide clients best suitable road for the transformation.

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We’ve put all our effort into making the products a playground for users without compromising on speed, security, and accuracy. Touch Screen, Mobility and Cloud compatibility, product life-cycle management, supply chain, federated search mechanism, insta-messaging, third-party e-commerce and CRM integration, categorization of inventory parameters and taxes, handling of various coding patterns including EAN, setting up centralized schemes and authorization-roles are some of the features which makes us different from others software in the same category available in market.

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  • Commitment with anyone is our superior priority
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  • Focusing in client success instead of just selling
  • Humanity in Relationships
  • Respecting human inner feelings
  • Continuous Leaning
  • Focus on the improvment of technical as well as cognitive skills
  • Frequently asked questions
    zOrder is providing business software for the Retail, wholesale & manufacturing industries. The ERP software consists of various features like inventory management software, POS software, billing software, accounting software, HR & payroll software, and many more products like zScanner for the inventory count. zOrderERP eases industries to work and automate their processes for futuristic goals.
    The number one job in retail, of course, is serving the customer. A point of sale system is a tool which makes that job faster, easier and more profitable, but there has to be a cost benefit to computerizing. With today's technology, the benefit is there as long as the retailer commits to using a system's full potential. Computerizing your business does not necessarily give you an advantage over your competitors - you may have to do it simply to stay competitive. Three areas where immediate benefits can be seen are: Increased margins due to better inventory management and reduced shrinkage Increased sales due to prompted suggestion selling, staff performance tracking and targeted marketing Speed and accuracy in the chores surrounding reports, invoicing, purchase orders and inventory control
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