Analyse your business at your finger-tips with zOrder MIS

The app that keeps it all in one place, safe, always accessible. Keep track of purchase information, find usage videos, get brand offers, and much more!

Analyse the real-time data with various parameters

Sales Progress Report

Track your progress to develop the profitable funnel.

Sales Trend Report

Know your profitable products and Identify sales opportunities

Customer Served

Get overall data of customers to understand the business flow

Person Wise Sale

Monitor your salesperson's performance and motivate those who need it

Real-time reporting to make quick decisions Dynamic Reporting

With strong reporting that is live and accurate to the minute, zOrder takes the guesswork out of decision-making. Critical indicators like sales, inventory levels, sell-through rates, margin, profitability, payables/receivables and many more can be taken on the fly.

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zOrderMIS mobile App for Android & IOS users

Observe your store more accurately and get sales comparison branch-wise, month-wise or year-wise. Take realistic decisions on the basis of what is currently being happening in the store.

Get the most out of your data analytics with MIS

Advanced set of Analytical data for your Business
Department Wise Sale

Get department wise sales analytics to know the performance of each department

Category Wise Sale

View all data regarding a particular category and get a Sales report for the selected one.

Branch Wise Sale

User can view Branch wise sales analytics

Total Sale Report

The Total Sales report provides a comprehensive overview of your overall sales within a specific time period.

Weekly sale Report

User can view a collection of sales data on the basis of a particular week.

Time Wise sale trend

Know your store sales trend according to the time for better outcomes.

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