Generate e-Invoice in Single Click With zOrder GST Console

Generate e-Invoice in Single Click With zOrder GST Console

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e-Invoice is Mandatory

From 1st April 2022, Govt of India has made e-Invoicing mandatory for all registered Taxpayers having a Turnover of more than Rs. 20 Crores vide Notification No. 01/2022-Central Tax Dated 24th February 2022. The GST invoicing rules must be followed via e-Invoice. For businesses, certain information is required, while the rest is optional. Many fields are also made optional, allowing users to fill in only the fields that are relevant to them. It also includes a description of each field as well as sample inputs for those that are interested. Certain essential information from the e-way bill format, such as the sub-supply type, is now included in the e-invoice.


What is an e-Invoice in GST?

e-Invoicing is a system where all B2B invoices are digitally uploaded and are authenticated electronically by the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) through the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).

Post Successful Authentication, A Digital Signed Invoice (e-Invoice) is created with a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) along with a QR Code on that particular invoice. This IRN is generated separately for each B2B Invoice by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).

Don’t get worried zOrder has always taken a step ahead to resolve all problems of clients in a simple way.


What zOrder Offers?

zOrder has developed an excellent, automated, and Innovative e-Invoicing Solution matching the current requirements named as zOrder GST console.

Generating a large number of e-Invoices will be pretty challenging for any business. To make it easy and enable hassle-free bulk e-Invoice generation and long-term tracking of your IRNs, we built a smart software solution, which will ensure the Automatic generation of e-Way Bills and IRN instantly without any ingestion of data.


zOrder GST Console for:

  1. Generation of e-Invoicing- zOrder GST console generates e-Invoice with just one click on the Generate button.
  2. Generation of e-Way Bills- With the help of the GST console, e-Way Bills can easily be generated against any invoice by just clicking the Generate button which reduces the delay time involved while generating through the GST portal.
  3. GSTR 2 B Reconciliation - zOrder GST console saves your time and effort in reconciling actual inputs with GSTR 2B at the time of filing GSTR 3B by GSTR 2B Reconciliation feature. You just need to download a JSON file from the GST Portal for the respective month and Auto Reconciliation gets started by just clicking the Run Button.


It Has So Many Benefits for Your Business Like:

  1. Data reconciliation and accuracy during manual data entry are aided by e-invoicing.
  2. It enables cross-business interoperability.
  3. The e-invoices can be tracked in real-time.
  4. The details from the e-invoice will be auto-populated on tax return forms and e-way bills, simplifying the tax return procedure.
  5. At all times, all transaction details will be available online. It would be unnecessary to conduct frequent audits and surveys as a result of this. By comparing input credit and output tax, data differences can be identified.
  6. This approach will also improve tax administration efficiency by assisting in the detection of false invoices.

Apart from making e-invoicing hassle-free, zOrder also takes care of your business in so many ways. zOrder GST Console also ensures auto reconciliation of GSTR-2B which is the need of the hour for every business at the time of filing GST returns. Overall zOrder GST console is a complete solution for generating e-Invoice & e-Way bills. Anyone can generate instantly just with a single click. It also helps businesses to reconcile the GSTR-2B very simply.

Kindly go ahead and generate e-Invoice, and e-Way Bills in a hassle-free manner and file error-free GST returns with no delay.