Human Resource & Payroll Management

Human Resource & Payroll Management

Most companies can handle their payroll processes, however, as businesses grow so does the demand on the payroll department. With an increased number of employees and legislative changes impacting the performance of the payroll department, businesses are finding that they need a solution to help streamline their processes and tighten up their procedures.

One of the greatest challenges companies face is purchasing software best suited for their business, and replacing payroll software can be one of the most challenging. The responsibility for selecting and evaluating new payroll software packages often times falls on the Payroll or Human Resources department. Due to improper planning and time constraints, many companies find themselves scrambling to find a payroll software package at the last minute to satisfy the needs of the company without involving a tremendous learning curve.


Hardworking employees expect reliability and 100% accuracy when it comes to their paychecks. After all, this is what they live on. Not easy standards to match up to, especially when you consider all of the challenges that an HR department faces when it comes to accurate payroll calculations. The following are just some of the complex struggles an HR department can face without a compliant payroll software solution in place:

  • Constant Change- From tax rates and formulas to regulation changes on the local, state and federal level, it can be difficult for HR departments to keep up. Not being up to speed interferes with accurate payroll calculations, and opens up possible non-compliance issues.
  • Data Maintenance - Because variables can change constantly - sometimes even mid-pay cycle, HR departments must rely on manual processes in order to track reliable payroll information. With thousands of payroll rules, processes and sources to keep track of, these manual tracking processes are bound to turn up or create errors.
  • Staff Requirements - Challenges also arise when dealing with a manual assignment or re-assignment to new locations. Plus, the time it takes an HR department to stay up to date and compliant with rules and regulations as well as manually processing all of this information takes resources away from time they could be spending on higher-value work.

What we can offer

Payroll software is more than a database used to store payroll calculations. You are purchasing an application expected to do accurate tax calculations based on complex formulas, generate reports to be filed to federal, state and local taxation agencies, and produce reports to provide a cost breakdown for one of the largest expenses most companies incur. Due to the complexity of payroll, the purchasing of payroll software requires extreme attention to detail. The software must satisfy the company's particular needs now and in the future. This process can be time-consuming and at times overwhelming.

The new payroll software should package integrate smoothly with the accounting system and other software packages you are currently using? It is rare there will be a conflict between two different software packages, but it is wise to run your other software packages after installing the new software to make sure everything will run smoothly. Some software packages make changes to your printer setup affecting the print out of reports and checks in other applications. Take the time to open and run other applications on the system prior to going live to reduce the risk of potential problems


zOrderHRM is a very simple, flexible and user-friendly Payroll Management software, that takes care of all your corporate requirements relating to accounting and management of employees' Payroll. zOrderHRM stores records of the employees, generates Pay-slips and Attendance Register and calculated all allowances and deductions and generates all Statutory and other important reports.

  • User Defined Earnings & Deductions
  • Leave & Attendance Management
  • Loan & Advance Management
  • Bank Transfer
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Arrears Calculation
  • Other Payments
  • PF Calculation & Reports
  • ESI Calculation & Reports
  • Professional Tax
  • Income Tax Management
  • Full & Final Settlement
  • User Defined Reports
  • Reporting
  • Data Import (Masters, Salary & Leave Record)
  • Other Add-on Modules
  • User Rights