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A must have tool integrated with the billing software for retail shops to run various promotional activities to acquire and retain your customers also delight them with rewarding scheme .

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Stay loyal with your customers

Customer loyalty schemes and coupons

Customized Loyalty Schemes

Engage your customer through multiple customizable loyalty schemes such as Points accumulation, Buy More Get More, Instant Discount etc.

Customer Data Analysis

Well-designed dashboard to analyse customers data based on geography, purchase value, footfall analysis, conversion ratio and the like.

Birthday and Anniversary Coupons

Delight you customer on their Birthday and Anniversary by sending discount coupons to them. This will create a strong relationship with your customer and shows that you care them.

Customer points
& retention

Customer Retention Policy

Find your frequent customers, less-frequent customers and one-time buyers. Bring them back to your store by offering certain coupons, or just by sending a hello message.

SMS and Email Notifications

Notify your customers of every transactional event with them through SMS or Email. Sale, discount offers notification to engage with them.

Analyse Loyalty Reports on the Go

Take all the reports related to Loyalty program on the go through web-apps which can be easily viewed on laptops, tablets, mobiles or any other device. You can get various reports like Customer’s Purchase History, Redeemable points, Point Ledger etc.

Points redemption through OTP

Secure your Loyalty through OTP whereas only actual customer gets the benefit of your loyalty program. The customer would get an OTP each time he/she wants to redeem the points.

Trusted by 500+ Organizations

zOrder Enterpriser has such a powerful foundation that it can easily be adapted to different contexts and requirements. It is simple to build on, with features that are simple to expand and customize, and efficient to run your business.

Mandeep singh

The ERP software offered by zOrder is a full featured application which is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to escalate as business grows. We are using seamless integration with our eCommerce portal with the POS software with the help of its dedicated API integrations.

Rajiv Sethi

We believe in technology since our inception, we were in the search of a software company who can take our ideas to the ground and implement the same into our business. We find zOrderERP very capable to accomplish the same.

Yatin Jain
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