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Simple, easy, yet powerful retail software solution to handle all kinds of retail operations like billing, customized orders, receipts, alterations, etc. POS software solution to delight customers with quick procedures and queue free check-outs.

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Billing software that covers every POS aspect

Retail Sale

Ensure super easy and fast check-outs with one-touch approach of billing. Multiple payment option, easy-returns and Credit Notes, Salespersons Specifications, to create Approval or Quotations, SMS and Email Alert after Bill Save and many more with zOrder billing software.

Retail Orders

Take orders from your customers with complete conviction, the complete cycle of Retail Order processing is performed within this module. Specification of orders, measurements, sketches and samples makes this module just perfect for the retailers to take and execute orders from customers.

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zOrder Enterpriser has such a powerful foundation that it can easily be adapted to different contexts and requirements. It is simple to build on, with features that are simple to expand and customize, and efficient to run your business.

Mandeep singh

The ERP software offered by zOrder is a full featured application which is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to escalate as business grows. We are using seamless integration with our eCommerce portal with the POS software with the help of its dedicated API integrations.

Rajiv Sethi

We believe in technology since our inception, we were in the search of a software company who can take our ideas to the ground and implement the same into our business. We find zOrderERP very capable to accomplish the same.

Yatin Jain

Retail Sale

Streamline all your retail operations in a system with zOrder billing software. From purchasing to inventory management to selling.

Salespersons Specifications, to create Approval or Quotations, SMS and Email Alert after Bill Save and many more.

Retail Orders

Retail order module to easily scale your retail business with an efficient order management process.

Retail order management system that specify orders, measurements, sketches and samples. A perfect module for retailers to take and execute orders from customers and process in a single location.

Repair/Alteration and Delivery

The complete cycle of alteration and delivery performed by the system.

The customer is notified with SMS at every step of the activity, you can also track the status of the goods kept for alteration and prioritize the same according to its delivery date.

Discounted Sale Setup

Plan promotional activities well in advance through Discounted Sale Setup module.

Perform various kind of promotions during your end-of-season sale such as buy 2 get 1, buy more pay less, power pricing, stock-age wise discount, price-band wise discount and the like.

Salesperson Commission Setup

Set-up the commissions of Sales persons based on various criteria that include stock-ageing, price-bands, suppliers, item-category and other parameters.

Get the integrated report on Salesperson commissions which gets calculated automatically during the Retail Sale.

Customer Loyalty Integration

Generate OTP for the loyalty points earned by a customer through zLoyalty App.

The customer confirms the OTP received on their mobile to get points redeemed.

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