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Simple, easy, yet powerful POS retail software to handle all kinds of retail operations like billing, customized orders, receipts, alterations, etc. The billing software for retail stores delight customers with quick procedures and queue free check-outs.

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zOrder POS retail software covers every POS aspect

POS Retail Software

Superfast checkouts

POS retail software provides multiple payment options to customers so they can pay with their preferred method that speed up the checkout process and also improve the overall experience. The one-touch approach of billing include options such as mobile payments, and contactless payments.

Refunds and Returns

Easy-returns allow customers to return products easily and quickly. While credit notes allow customers to receive a credit towards a future purchase instead of a refund. The zOrder POS software in Delhi, India provide flexibility for customers to change their minds with a simple refund and returns process.


Get various reports with POS billing software for retail stores related to retail sale such as Sales at a Glance, Cash at a Glance, POS Transaction, GST Reports, Customer Ledger, Customers Outstanding and many more.

The various types of reports is so useful for retailers to track and analyze their sales data. As they help to make instant decisions about operations.

E-commerce Integration

zOrder Retail ERP Software in Delhi, India, provides seamless integration with E-commerce, so you can easily connect your store to online platforms such as Shopify. Use a centralised system to manage both your offline and online stores.

Upload inventory directly to your e-commerce store and track your online orders to fulfill them quickly with the nearest showroom. Depending on where they prefer to shop, you can target them with various offers.

Retail ERP Software
Retail POS Software

Retail Sale

Automate your business processes with zOrder’s retail ERP software.

  • Streamline all your retail operations with zOrder retail software solution. From purchasing to inventory management to selling.

  • Salespersons Specifications, to create Approval or Quotations, SMS and Email Alert after Bill Save and many more.


Retail Orders

Take retail orders and save the preferences in the module to execute what customer demands.

  • The cycle of Retail Order processing is performed easily within the retail order module, take orders from your customers with complete conviction.

  • The specification of orders, measurements, sketches and samples makes this module just perfect for the retailers to take and execute orders from customers.

Retail Software Solution

Repair/Alteration and Delivery

All the alteration work can done within the module and also notify every steps.

  • The complete cycle of alteration and delivery performed by the system.

  • The customer is notified with SMS at every step of the activity, you can also track the status of the goods kept for alteration and prioritize the same according to its delivery date.

POS billing software

Discounted Sale Setup

Plan various give away discounts within the module to delight customers.

  • Plan your promotional activities in advance for special days with special offers through Discounted Sale Setup module.

  • Perform various kind of promotions during your end-of-season sale such as buy 2 get 1, buy more pay less, power pricing, stock-age wise discount, price-band wise discount and more to stay in trend.

Retail POS Software 1

Salesperson Commission Setup

Users can define salesperson commission within different criteria for better understanding.

  • Set-up the commissions of Sales persons based on various criteria that include stock-ageing, price-bands, suppliers, item-category and other parameters.

  • Get the integrated report on Salesperson commissions which gets calculated automatically during the Retail Sale.

Retail POS

Customer Loyalty Integration

The integration of zLoyalty app with Retail POS ease customer relationship management.

  • Stay connected with your frequent customers and delight them with gift coupons on their special days.

  • Generate OTP for the loyalty points earned by a customer through zLoyalty App. The customer confirms the OTP received on their mobile to get points redeemed.

Best POS Billing Software In India.

Point of Sale software, commonly called POS software, is a computerized system designed to streamline the billing process in retail businesses. It facilitates sales transactions, generates invoices, tracks inventory, manages customer information, and generates various business reports. With its advanced features, POS billing software replaces traditional cash registers, elevating the efficiency and productivity of retail operations. It also empowers retail employees with the right tools to serve customers faster, improving customer satisfaction.

1. Streamlined Business Operations: POS billing software automates billing, discounts, and GST tax calculations, reducing manual work and freeing up time for more crucial tasks.

2. Improved Inventory Management: Real-time inventory tracking enables businesses to optimise procurement, reduce stockouts, and prevent overstocking, leading to better inventory management.

3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Faster and more accurate billing reduces waiting times at the checkout counter, while seamless payment options, including online payments, provide convenience to customers.

4. Better Customer Relationships: POS billing software helps manage customer data efficiently, enabling personalized interactions and targeted promotions and fostering more robust customer relationships.

5. Efficient Employee Management: Retail POS software allows businesses to track employee sales performance, monitor shifts, and manage commissions, leading to effective workforce management.

6. Quick Payments and Payment Options: POS systems support multiple payment options, simplifying the payment process, reducing errors, and speeding up transactions.

7. Data Security and Backup: POS software ensures data security through encryption and access controls, with the option for regular data backups to prevent data loss.

1. Easy Invoicing: POS software enables quick, accurate billing with automatic price calculations, discounts, and GST tax inclusion.

2. User-Friendly Interface: A well-designed and intuitive interface allows for easy operation and reduces training time for staff.

3. Inventory Management: POS billing software tracks real-time inventory, notifies when items are out of stock and helps manage stock levels efficiently.

4. Employee Management: Retail POS software allows businesses to track employee performance, manage shifts, and calculate commissions.

5. Cloud-Based POS: Cloud-based solutions provide accessibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, allowing real-time data synchronisation and remote access.

6. Customer Data Management: POS software stores and manages customer information, allowing personalised interactions and targeted promotions.

7. Reporting Tools: Retail POS software generates various reports for sales, inventory, financial insights, and business performance evaluation.

Selecting the best retail POS solution requires careful consideration of specific business needs and essential features. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Business Size and Industry: Evaluate the size of your business, the number of stores or locations, and the industry you operate in.

2. Essential Features: Assess the key features of different retail POS software options, such as billing, inventory management, reporting tools, and payment integrations.

3. Ease of Use: Choose a retail POS solution with a user-friendly interface that is easy for your staff to learn and operate.

4. Payment Integrations: Ensure the POS software integrates with popular payment gateways and supports multiple payment options for customer convenience.

5. Demo or Trial: Request demos or trials from software vendors to test functionality, compatibility, and how well it aligns with your business processes.

While POS billing software brings numerous benefits, retailers may encounter some challenges during implementation:

1. Technical Issues: Like any software system, a POS system may encounter technical glitches, updates, or hardware compatibility issues.

2. Customisation Limitations: Some POS solutions may have limitations in customisation options, making it challenging for businesses with unique workflows.

3. Internet Dependency: POS systems heavily rely on internet connectivity for real-time updates and payment processing, which can be disrupted in case of poor internet connectivity.

4. Training and Adoption: Proper training and getting employees to adopt the new system may require effort and time.

In conclusion, implementing the right POS billing software can be a game-changer for retail businesses, streamlining operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving business growth. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and efficient inventory management, retail POS software empowers businesses to succeed in the competitive retail landscape.

By carefully evaluating business needs and considering essential features, retailers can choose the best retail POS solution that aligns with their requirements and improves overall operational efficiency. Embracing the power of POS billing software will undoubtedly lead retail businesses to a future of seamless transactions and satisfied customers.

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zOrder Enterpriser has such a powerful foundation that it can easily be adapted to different contexts and requirements. It is simple to build on, with features that are simple to expand and customize, and efficient to run your business.

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The ERP software offered by zOrder is a full featured application which is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to escalate as business grows. We are using seamless integration with our eCommerce portal with the POS software with the help of its dedicated API integrations.

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Rajiv Sethi

We believe in technology since our inception, we were in the search of a software company who can take our ideas to the ground and implement the same into our business. We find zOrderERP very capable to accomplish the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

A POS system helps businesses process sales transactions, manage inventory, generate invoices, and track customer data, streamlining the billing process.

To choose the right POS system, consider your business size, industry, essential features, ease of use, payment integrations, and request demos or trials from vendors.

The cost of a POS system varies depending on features and vendors. It can range from monthly subscriptions to one-time purchases. Consider the value it brings to your business.

Yes, you can use a POS system with an e-commerce store. Some POS solutions integrate well with online platforms for seamless management.

POP (Point of Purchase) refers to where a customer completes a purchase, like a checkout counter.

POS (Point of Sale) is the system used to process that purchase and manage sales data.